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Director Yutaka, Yamamoto

The Center for East Asia Studies, University of Nagasaki was established in 2008 with the aim of conducting research on East Asia economies and societies. The institute has contributed by issuing an annual journal called Review of East Asian Affairs and holding a yearly East Asia Academic Exchange Forum in partnership with Dong-A University, Korea, Huaqiao University, China and DONG A University, Vietnam. The institute also has the research seminars twice a year. We are proud that the number of registered researchers has now reached approx. 100 with consisting of various nationalities including Korea and China. Natural Disaster and East Asia, and the Business Strategies of East-Asian Enterprise under Globalization were discussed in 2011 and 2013 respectively as common themes at the Forum, which were of high concern in the region.
The University of Nagasaki has reformed departments and divisions in 2016, which promote globalization at the university by, for instance, conducting overseas internship programs, etc. Under these new circumstances, the institute is expected to be empowered and also research fields for East Asia will widen. The institute maintains strong relations with overseas’ researchers and seeks internal resources and capital to demonstrate higher performance domestically and internationally.
We look forward to your honest opinions concerning our endeavors, as well as further guidance and encouragement in the future.
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