Graduate School of Economics
Division of Industrial Economics and Economic Development

Graduate School of Economics

Division of Industrial Economics and Economic Development

Distinctive Features
Fostering specialists with a global perspective
  We aim to foster economic experts who can approach issues from an international perspective and in an interdisciplinary manner that goes beyond specific disciplines or research interests. This division encourages and requires students to acquire high-level, broad knowledge and capabilities that allow them to play an active role in various fields of society.
Pursuing community-based study and research
  Placing a major emphasis on community-based research and education, this graduate program provides courses that enable students to acquire technical and other qualifications in order to contribute to further development of industrial technologies in the region.
Developing human resources who can play an active role on the global stage
  This division also aims to foster human resources who can play a leading role in the area of international exchange by promoting academic exchange with foreign universities, including faculty exchange programs, joint research programs and student exchange programs.

Advanced Study of Economics; Advanced Study of Economic Statistics; Advanced Study of Information Processing; Advanced Study of Industrial Organization; Advanced Study of Distribution Economics; Advanced Study of Marketing; Advanced Study of Distribution Systems; Advanced Study of Agricultural Economics; Advanced Study of Accounting; Advanced Study of Financial Statements; Advanced Study of International Economics; Advanced Study of Global Business; Advanced Study of Community Economics; Advanced Study of Public Finance; Advanced Study of Regional Public Finance; Advanced Study of Community Planning; Advanced Study of Urban Geography; Advanced Study of Remote Island Research; Practical Seminar on Community Revitalization; etc.

Research Theme Examples
● Interpretation of Requirements for Engagement in Business stated in Article 56 of the Income Tax Act (Master's Program)
● Comparative Analysis of Department Store Reforms in Japan and China (Master's Program)
● Air Waybill, Settlement of L/C, and Computerized Air Trading (Master's Program)