University Centers and Research Institutes

University Centers and Research Institutes

Center for International Exchange programs and Foreign Language Education

  The Center aims for improved education in foreign languages through implementation of research related to education and practical instruction. Another objective is to function as a window of international interchange and to promote exchange with counterparts in other countries through study-abroad programs and language training for its own students as well as acceptance of foreign nationals for study and research courses.

Regional Partnership Center

  Making comprehensive use of the human, material, and intellectual resources of the University as well as its organizations, the Center is to promote joint research, academic interchange, and industry-academia-government collaboration.

Education Development Center

  Based on the University's policy on human resource development, it is the mission of the Center to conduct studies and research on methods of selecting candidates in accordance with the admission policy and in the interest of sending excellent personnel into society. It also has the objective of offering fuller general education to and improving teaching methods for students.

Center for East Asian Studies

  The Institute aspires to distinctive research accenting the geographical, historical, and cultural attributes of Nagasaki, with its long history of interchange with other parts of East Asia. Its mission is vigorous promotion of partnership and mutual exchange with other universities and research institutes in East Asia.